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5 Ways Project Managers Can Ensure Success of Relocation or Remodeling

Managing projects to a successful conclusion can be relatively easy for simple projects, but professional Project Managers understand that commercial projects involve a far greater degree of complexity, larger teams and more stakeholders. Relocating your organization or remodeling your facilities presents a very challenging level of intricacy and is a huge undertaking.

Clients, vendors, staff and equipment all require coordination of action steps to deadlines in order to minimize down time. Here are five fundamental guidelines that can ensure an on time, on budget and hassle free project:

1. Good Communication is Critical

The most crucial responsibility for a Project Manager is to have clear and frequent communication with the client, vendors and project team.

2. Track and Document Change

It is up to the Project Manager to ensure the project requirements are clearly understood and up to date.

3. Make Good Use of “Lessons Learned”

The project team should use their experience and incorporate things learned from past projects, both good things and bad.

4. Manage Expectations

It is important that the Project Manager work closely with the client to develop a realistic and achievable project schedule.

5. Be Positive and Proactive

A Project Manager should lead by example and promote a proactive mentality, not a reactive one.

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