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Critical Techniques for Social Media and next Career

Essential Approaches for taking advantage of Social Media in your next career move Social media is a great way to find great job opportunities.  If you are currently searching or maybe just “surfing” the web, using social media can have an advantage. -Become sought after, Don’t just seek – Do you know what your search

The Case of the No-Response Resume’

The Case of the No-Response Resume Your job search has been tough on you, but you finally find a job that looks promising. You fill out the application and send in your resume and wait patiently for a week. A week turns into a month and still nothing. You feel defeated…  What did you do?

6 Rules That Will Demand Attention To Your Resume’

6 Rules To Get Your Resume the Attention It Deserves!   1. Basic Guidelines for Resume’ Preparation a.Typesetting.  You can use your own computer with word processing software such as Word or Word Perfect. The quality of this method depends greatly upon the kind of printer you use with your computer. A less desirable method