Critical Techniques for Social Media and next Career

Essential Approaches for taking advantage of Social Media in your next career move

Social media is a great way to find great job opportunities.  If you are currently searching or maybe just “surfing” the web, using social media can have an advantage.

Don Sonn on using SM for your next career. Photo credit unknown.
Don Sonn on using SM for your next career. Photo credit unknown.

-Become sought after, Don’t just seek – Do you know what your search engine results look like? Are you even able to find yourself, and also relevant stuff about you.  Go ahead and search your name to see your results.

One thing employers do that people may not know, is that they are searching online for you too. Be sure that what you see for yourself online is properly branded for yourself and of a true and positive manner.  Treat yourself just like and other properly marketed product or service.

– Use LinkedIn for your job search – LinkedIn is currently ranked as a very crucial item used in job searching.  By networking on this site you will be already using this in a business like manner. On this site, you will be able to:

 •Personal account will be much like a brief resume’

 •On the site’s jobs section, search for open positions

 •Expand your knowledge while receiving updates on jobs and join professional groups

 •Join college alumni groups and job related groups and company career minded groups. Such as our Careers at Intel EMEA Group.

Other things about this site that you should remember.  Employers can search for people and you could come up in their searches.  So use intelligent keywords to help employers find your profile.  You can also search people and companies that correlates with the job you are interested in.  Searching for profession, management level, area, education and company will help in your search.

If you do find a positions of interest, then try to find people that work there and then connect with them.  These people could be valuable resource for your search.  You might just be surprised at how willing people are to offer help.

– Facebook – where there are people there are jobs. Facebook is not just baby pictures and farm games. Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform so it hosts huge numbers of unofficial fan pages, official company pages and highly specialized groups. It can be a great place to access job seeker and career groups, alumni groups and industry focused groups. The more casual tone of it means it can be a very different way to connect with people than LinkedIn.

Facebook allows you to search by company name and that will allow you to find personal contacts to your target companies. A simple and sincere conversation asking what it is like to work at the company can be a great door opener and can help you to network your way into hidden and unadvertised jobs. The Facebook Marketplace has job ads too.

-Tweet Your Way to Your Dream job: More large employers are creating twitter handles for job postings. Twitter can also be a great place to demonstrate your interest and knowledge in your field and you can learn a lot about what is on the mind of people at the company. You can learn a lot about what interests a company by what their employees share online.

– Let Them Find You on YouTube: Video is a great medium for getting and conveying information. Companies may advertise open positions through video clips on YouTube. A video resume can be a great way to stand out and show your communication and creative skills. Make sure to share and promote any appropriate presentations that you do too. Create your own channel and like and subscribe to relevant content. Your public profiles say a lot to employers about you.

– Professional Forums & blogs: find blogs and websites devoted to your industry or job function. Often those big influencers you found on Twitter or YouTube also blog.  Many employers have both professional and job company blogs and they can provide great sources of information.


Don’t forget the ‘networking’ in social networking. You can increase your visibility, create a great professional online brand for yourself, connect with employers and get the inside story if you follow these tips.



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