The Case of the No-Response Resume’

The Case of the No-Response Resume

Your job search has been tough on you, but you finally find a job that looks promising. You fill out the application and send in your resume and wait patiently for a week. A week turns into a month and still nothing. You feel defeated…  What did you do?
Did you remember to attach your resume?
Did you answer every question on the application?
Did you follow every direction on how and where to submit your information?
Did you remember to add your contact information?
Did you check it for spelling and grammar errors?
Did you really fit the skill set described in the job description?
Did you apply to the right job for you?

Donald Sonn on no response resume. Photo credit unknown.
Donald Sonn on no response resume. Photo credit unknown.

If you say “yes” to all of the above, know that you’re one of the few who do, and be patient! If you fit these qualifications, you will be contacted! Remember patience, because it probably won’t be in the time frame you’d prefer. Many hiring managers and recruiters get hundreds of resumes per day, and it takes time to read every one of them. But take a deep breath, because the people reading each resume know that it is their job to give every application a fair shot when first reading it, and you may be desperate to find a job. At the same time, keeping everything in good time is in everyone’s interest, because everyone’s time is valuable–yours and ours.


Answering your interview questions truthfully

Once you are contacted, you shouldn’t assume that you are definitely the right fit for the job. You might be asked additional questions, and you should answer them all of them truthfully. If you don’t, you’ll just bump into issues with the job or the job hunt later on, and you’re wasting the time of both you and the person who’s contacting you.

The recruiting process aims to choose the best fit, so if you answer dishonestly and get the job, you may have never been right for it.  Did you hear you’re not the match for the position? If you were patient, truthful, and professional every step of the process, you may stand out in that recruiter’s eyes. You might pop up in his or her head when they have another position that fits you more. Maybe that job will be the one to get you into your next career!

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